Portland Mentoring

As we head into 2018, WIE is excited to announce the third year of the mentoring program in Portland!

Mentoring takes place in groups, which typically consist of a mentor and 4-6 mentees. To facilitate participation, the Mentoring Committee assigns interested women to mentoring groups, primarily by geographic location. Each mentoring group will be self-directed to help ensure that each group is learning what is important to its members. Discussion topics may include, but are not limited to: career planning, work/life balance, navigating different work cultures, building confidence at work, assertive communication, networking, and project management.

This program is a one-year commitment with mentor groups meeting at least 6 times per year. In addition, mentors are encouraged to attend WIE networking and education events with their mentees. At the end of the year-long commitment, both mentors and mentees can choose to opt in for another year of the program. A summary of the program guidelines is available here: Portland WIE Mentoring Group Guidelines 

After a year in the mentoring program, mentees report feeling more satisfied and confident in their work. Mentees appreciate the opportunity to have discussions with junior and senior level women, identify with others in their field and/or with similar issues in their careers, and connect with others as a means of broadening their knowledge and viewpoints. They also report increased competence and confidence level in various work aspects.


  • I find the space very helpful that other people have had the same problems/growing pains I have felt in business and it is helpful to hear the next step they took.
  • [I enjoyed] bouncing ideas off each other, hearing about others’ successes, getting motivated to try harder and push more.
  • [I enjoyed] connecting with other professionals and broadening my knowledge and skillsets.

Join Us!

WIE’s Mentoring Committee will be seeking mentors early in 2018 and mentees shortly thereafter. The Committee will form mentoring groups in early summer. The program will commence in the summer and continue through the spring of 2019.

If you are interested in participating as a mentor please fill out the interest survey by February 1, 2018: 2018 Mentor Interest Form

If you are interested in participating as a mentee please fill out the interest survey by April 1, 2018: 2018 Mentee Interest Form

Tell us Your Thoughts

If you are a current mentee or mentor, we would love your feedback on how to improve our program. Please visit the following website and let us know what’s working well and what you’d like to see in the future:  Feedback Form

Please direct any questions to wiementoringpdx@gmail.com