Bay Area Mentoring

WIE Bay Area launched its mentoring program in 2018. Each mentee is placed into a small group with one or more mentors, depending on the program participation each year. The make-up of the group varies – we generally aim to have a range of experience and capabilities in each group.  Each mentoring group is self-directed to help ensure that each group is learning what is important to its members. Discussion topics may include, but are not limited to: career planning, work/life balance, navigating different work cultures, building confidence at work, assertive communication, networking, and project management. In addition, we also have one group for women with more than 15 years of work experience looking for executive-level mentoring.

If you have questions send us an email at the mentoring committee at

Join us

Our program is a one year commitment that starts in January and runs to December of each year. At the end of the year-long commitment, both mentors and mentees can choose to opt in for another year of the program.  The groups meet in person a minimum of four to six times throughout the year. A summary of the program guidelines is available here.  If mentoring or being mentored is your next to-do, please fill out the interest form using the button below. You will be contacted late October/early November, which is when we begin the process of forming new mentor groups.