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Seattle Mentoring

WIE has been mentoring in the Seattle environment community since 2014 and has positively impacted many mentors and mentees since inception. Each mentee is placed into a small group with one mentor. The make-up of the group varies – we generally aim to have a range of experience and capabilities in each group; however, we do try to ensure that people from the same company are not in the same group (unless requested). 

Each mentoring group is self-directed to help ensure that each group is learning what is important to its members.  Discussion topics may include, but are not limited to: career planning, work/life balance, navigating different work cultures, building confidence at work, assertive communication, networking, and project management.

If you have questions send us an email at mentoringseattle@gmail.com.

Join us

Our program is a one-year commitment that starts in September and runs to August of each year. The groups meet every four to six weeks throughout the year.   A summary of the program guidelines is available here.  New mentor groups are formed in late August/early September.